Made in Whitby

Made In Whitby has been established by and for local makers and producers in the Whitby area. United in passion and innovation, the founders of Made In Whitby are driven by community spirit to showcase the amazing offers that the small town of Whitby has at its fingertips.

By bringing local businesses together, the team hope to present the range of high quality, locally linked products and services, as well as shine a spotlight on the entrepreneurial opportunities for the next generation.

Known for being a tourist hotspot, welcoming over 1 million visitors each year, Whitby has a unique history unlike any other. With a vast fishing heritage and generational maritime knowledge, its hidden network of entrepreneurs and creativity is sometimes overlooked. Made In Whitby wants to bring this back to life through a collaborative and supportive approach, creating a strong platform for new and existing Whitby businesses to flourish.

From beer to cosmetics, sea salt to gin, there is so much to celebrate at the “Jewel of the Yorkshire Coast”: explore Whitby through our interactive map and ‘meet the makers’ involved in Made In Whitby!

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